Meet Nick, Award Winning Designer & Part-Time Ravioli Assembly Line Cook

Photo by Matt Dayak

Name: Nick

Years Lived in Pittsburgh: 28

Current Neighborhood: Highland Park

How Do You Spend Most of Your Days: Morning routine with my daughters (always entertaining). Then designing, creating, thinking, ideating, and sometimes delivering. Then family dinner, play, books, bedtime routine (best part). Then quiet time with my wife (also best).

Favorite "Hidden Gem" of Pittsburgh: The Vanka Murals! HOLY MOLY!

SL: Tell us about a unique family tradition you have.

Nick: I come from a huge family. There are eight of us, plus my parents, plus everyone’s spouses and kids. When we get together to celebrate Christmas, we rent a firehall so we can all fit. Over the course of that day, my siblings and I will form a big assembly line and make roughly a hundred homemade raviolis together using my grandma’s recipe.

Street Lark: Where do you not mind waiting?

Nick: So long as I'm outside, I don’t mind waiting. School pick-ups on the playground, a food truck, the Jack Rabbit at Kennywood. But stick me inside—an office, a waiting room, the post office — and minutes pass like hours.

SL: What’s your favorite quote?

Nick: I don’t know if this could be considered a quote, exactly, but it’s one of the Ten Rules that artist Sister Corita Kent posted when she taught in the Immaculate Heart College Art Department.

#7 The only rule is work. If you work, it will lead to something.

Nick's design studio is located in Pittsburgh and his work spans multiple platforms, including books, branding, exhibition design, posters and apparel!

View Nick's design work and learn more about his studio here:

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