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Pittsburgh City Photographer, April 24, 1936

Game 7 Gang: The History of Pirates Baseball 

Hear stories of the early Pittsburgh Pirates, as told by Charles, local historian and next-generation member of the Game 7 Gang, a group of fans who celebrates the anniversary of the legendary Game 7 of the 1960 World Series between the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Yankees. These stories will come to life as you explore the location of where Forbes Field once stood. You’ll have the chance to stand in the shoes of some Pittsburgh Pirate greats, atop the final home plate of the old ballpark. After your experience at the historic field, enjoy larking around town using your personalized itinerary.

Capacity: 15 Total Spots


The Hungry Herd: A Visit  with Allegheny GoatScape

Hang out with the crew of Allegheny GoatScape and learn about how the herd restores Pittsburgh's public green space. This friendly group of goats is a real "trip," and their loyal donkey leader is wonderful too. You'll have the added benefit of meeting the herd's favorite human friend, Gavin. He's the director of the nonprofit and the one who ensures the team is always well fed. After visiting with the goats, spend the afternoon larking around town with your personalized itinerary.

* portion of ticket price goes to supporting this nonprofit

Capacity: 20 Total Spots